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How To fix ERR_GEN_INVALID Corrupt Game Data in GTA 5 ( Master Flop )

In this video, we will be fixing the ERR_GEN_INVALID Corrupt Game Data.

This error mostly occurs when you remove the ASI loader, and Open IV dot ASI plugins, from the ASI manager in Open I V.

This error also can come when you delete or replace some important files via Open I V

But there are instances, when people got this error, without even using a single mod in the first place.

To fix this error, you can do two things.
FIX 1: You can simply reinstall ASI loader, and Open I V dot ASI plugins, in the ASI manager of Open I V.
Launch the game and it works. But this fix makes your game a modded version.

FIX 2: Just verify the game files in your launcher.

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Enjoy and until next time, Have Fun!!!

GTA V – The score – ( Sounds Kind Of ) Fruity

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